Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cleaning Day in Our Campus

Cleanliness is a smart habit of life. All should try to clean themselves and around place where they live in. Every religion encourages its followers to be clean both in physically and mentally. But in practice what do we do? Its rare to find a person who takes off torn paper or useless any packet from his walking way. Most of times we think- it’s not my duty. Labors of City Corporation or servants will clean it. It’s a prestigious issue for me! Actually we are not enough conscious about cleanliness. So we think so. But this poor conception should be changed. In order to make people conscious about cleanliness, a cleaning day was organized in Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) campus.
In initial campaigning of cleanliness and cleaning day a rally was arranged at 16 March, Thursday morning in RUET campus. The rally was opened by RUET VC Dr. A.F.M. Anowarul Haque. A lot of teachers and students participated in the rally cordially. Among them our teacher Dr. Md. Shahiduzzaman was present. He was the dream maker of organizing cleaning day here. The rally moved through whole campus.
Our main job of cleaning day was performed 18 March, Saturday morning. A lot of students and teachers started together their journey of cleaning the campus after opening the ceremony by VC sir. Its really amazing scenery! Our teachers were cleaning the dust materials by their own hands with us. We were informed by our Sir Dr. Md. Shahiduzzaman that in many foreign universities arrange cleaning day annually when all teachers and students clean their varsity by own hands. It’s not a matter of dishonor. There is no shy of doing self tasks by self hands. Any way! A three hours long program was hold during that day. We think and hope our next cleaning day will be more effective and more exciting with all students and teachers’ participation of RUET.
Perhaps RUET is the only university that organized first such a cleaning day that is really praiseworthy.