Sunday, March 26, 2006

Our Environment

In our school life we have learnt general definition of environment. Everything that is around us is our environment. It means small insects to biggest elephants, air to water, sound to light etc-all these things are elements or members of our environment. We know man is the best creature of the almighty. So they are the leader of environment. They have responsibilities to save this environment. They should keep in mind that safe environment ensures safe life for children.
But what are we doing? Most of us excess generous to think about environment. We are destroying our forests, natural hills and capturing the flowing area of rivers, cannels. Once there was deep forest, beast lived there, but now on the same place people have built houses, started farming. As a result we have lost a lot of animals and trees forever.
Due to lack of trees sufficient rain is now rare. Sudden storm, sudden flood hamper our lives. Moreover we use various aerosols what are the sources of dangerous gas CFC that destroys ozone layer and causes Green House Effects. Though poor countries generate a very small portion of generated CFC comparing with rich countries, they suffer a lot.
Now necessary steps should be taken immediately. We should not cut any tree without proper reason. If we are bound to cut, then we must plat at least two seeds. The huge uses of different aerosols should be minimized and we should try to give up it properly. Children should be taught in such a balanced way that they become conscious about environment. We must think, this is our environment that looks after us and we should look after it.