Saturday, March 25, 2006

Law against smoking// A Paper-Tiger

I have a habit of walking. Every afternoon I walk. Actually there are two reasons of my walking. First, I think walking and observation go hand to hand. I enjoy watching the lives of various people. If you use vehicle you can’t see anything properly. Second, as I am a student so walking is the best solution of saving money.
Any way! We know smoking is very harmful for health. From our very boyhood it is taught, too. Moreover, on every cigarette packet it is boldly printed that smoking is injurious to health. But we can’t give up smoking properly. When I walk, I find many smokers. Most of them are young students. Drivers of different vehicles are used to play the role of chain smokers. Some times I am astonished to get our few teachers smoking without care. It’s seemed most funny when I see a doctor is smoking. Doctor’s duty is to encourage public to give up this bad habit. But when advisor is smoker, nothing to do!
Our government established a law against smoking. Now it is forbidden in public place. But enforcers don’t apply this law. Moreover, it is seen often police smoking. Day by day that law has become a Paper-Tiger. I think we should think about it.