Friday, March 17, 2006

Young mobile!

Now it’s rare to get a young star without mobile phone. Even school boys and girls use mobile in huge rate at present. A question arises-what they do by mobile? Generally they use it to communicate with others. But most of times their accounts are balance free. That’s why they use to miscall in order to remember their friends and others. The use of miscall is vastly seen in classrooms. A teacher is giving lecture. But my mind is out of control. Boring lecture! So there is no alternative of miscalling. We start miscall-miscall game!
Some days ago mobile companies began competition to free service. That time it was noticed a lot of young passed nights sleepless. In our hall I saw many my friends continued gossiping through cell facing cool air and mosquitoes’ attack whole night. Most of them were dozing during class. But they seemed to be happy as they had succeeded to proper use of free service of cell companies.
But now the situation has changed. Free days have been mostly finished. Now at the time of talking we have to conscious about our mobile balance. Governments have thought about the future of young and their study. That’s why they ordered mobile companies to cancel free offers. But strangely they don’t think about the high call rate. Perhaps they forget it. Would you please think about it?