Saturday, March 18, 2006

A piece of sweet smile

Generally most of the foreigners consider Bangladesh as a poor country that is full of rivers and most of the times of a year she goes under flood water. Often devastating storms attacks here. But we know what the reality is. Foreigners’ idea is not properly correct.
Once we were very poor. But now we are struggling against poverty. Now it’s rare the occurrence of starvation that was often happened those days. Now we are able to fight against flood and storm. Day after day people are being interested in education. At present above 60% of total people of Bangladesh can signature their name. Once the number of readers of newspaper is very poor. Hopefully it is noticed every morning from rickshowpular to professor, everybody reads newspaper. Public have become conscious about politics, economics and overall situation of the country. Actually they want to know and discuss on various topics based on Bangladesh and outside world.
If we try to imagine the communication sector just five years ago, what do we see? That time mobile phone is very rare due to its high cost. We had to depend on telephone to contact our friends and family. There were some areas where land phone was not available. Now it’s rare to find out a person without mobile that is the best way to communicate with nearest and dearest person whatever mind wants. Think about computer. Once it was easily calculated the number of computers and their users existed here. Now in every district, every thana and even in many villages computers are available. A huge number professionals and general people including students use computer, internet here. Day by day we are trying to develop the country.
Some times we may find some ambitious persons who like to say, there is noting good here. Foreign country is better than this country. Our people know nothing, etc, etc. I think they don’t love this country. They have not proper sense to feel the sweet song of birds, greenery of paddy field and rhythmic sound of flowing water of river of our country. Yes I agree that a lot of costly and amazing things are not found here. But noting is 100%. Our people’s demand is not endless. They just want to be happy getting meal three times per day. They are not hunkering after money. They know how to be satisfied. Have you seen the sweet smile of a poor beggar after taking his meal? I have seen it. That is really priceless. A proper, real image of a happy man! You may get a lot of nice, costly, artificial materials in developed foreign country. But you can’t get there a real piece of sweet smile by all the wealth of world.