Friday, March 17, 2006

Think about tree

Trees are the speechless children of nature. Giving oxygen, fruits, wood, raw materials for paper, cloth, medicine trees play the role of friends of men. During summer they give us not only shadow but also desired refreshes. They protect our houses from devastating storm. Broken tendency of current flowing river can be minimized by trees. There are many advantages of trees. It’s hard to find out any demerit of trees. They are really our friends. They are very caring for us.
All these I just have said are taught in our school and college life through different essays based on trees. So all we know and believe that tree is our friend. But in practical what behavior do we show to tree? Often it is seen in newspaper that powerful persons cut a lot of ancient trees without thinking much, just for money beside highway.
You may say-we arrange tree plantation week during rainy season every year. Yes we do it. But is there any plat that can be groomed up in a balanced way without proper care? We just plat. Some times like us, local MP, minister do it in such a way that they may get media coverage as the leader is very conscious about nature and trees. But after planting a plat most of us forget about its care. It is really unwise attitude. We should be more caring about this natural friend ‘tree’.